I’ve decided to buy an iPad, I think. When Apple came out with the iPad my first reaction was “Who would buy this thing?” I already had my iPhone and my Mac Book and this “tablet” fit somewhere straight in the middle – not a good phone and not a good laptop. What’s the point?

My judgement was also based on the recent deaths of three sony readers that had come and gone from my house in the blink of an eye – one was forgotten on a train and two were destroyed on flights*. So in my experience these silly little readers were not sturdy enough to survive my general neglect for gadgets. Plus, I am old fashioned, I actually like books and get a surge of adrenaline every time I add a new book to my bookcase.

Fast forward to today and I am still not convinced there is a hole in my life that needs to be filled by yet another apple gadget. A few weeks ago I discovered that I could subscribe to a magazine on an iPad for $30 per year by pretending to be based in the US. Subscriptions prices to English magazines in Switzerland are outrageous. I like my Vanity Fair alright but I am not willing to pay 200 Swiss francs per year for the pleasure. So you see, I am really buying the iPad to save money! Ah, the logic is unbeatable. Plus, Bugi has convinced me that I will treat a shiny new iPad with the respect it deserves, unlike the dark grey sony readers that could never survive my ownership.

I don’t have an iPhone these days and I’ve decided not to buy one. I have a phone and I actually like using my phone as a phone as opposed to letting it consume every second of my free time with facebook updates and tweets. I really don’t like to be that plugged into the world wide web and I really don’t need to know what x, y, z unlocked on monopoly (why do people spend so much time playing these games?) Plus, my phone has sudoku which is all I need to entertain myself when commuting.

And so it seems I will be getting an iPad for Christmas to save money and to stay disconnected. Unless you tell me there is something better out there?

*passive tense implies full denial of responsibility!

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