Top 5 Websites That Guarantee Quality Time

Hi friends!

I hope your weekend is going well! Mine is so so – although I’ve had a very relaxing day, we did go to pick up my things from work and empty my cubicle. I was very emotional as you can imagine…What? The whole thing about “This part of my life is over!”, “I can’t believe I am moving to Zurich!” and most of all “Am I making a big mistake?” is starting to get to me. I am sure I will be fine but I can’t deny I am feeling anxious, very anxious.


You ask (well, not really but let’s imagine you asked:) what I do when I am feeling like my head will explode with a million questions that I cannot answer now? I choose to occupy my mind fully, without a minute of rest in order to prevent myself from completely freaking out. It helps, trust me:) (although technically I am probably avoiding dealing with things…I prefer to avoid for now. I will deal with everything once I actually move and am forced to:)

So, here are my Top 5 Websites that guarantee quality time and ensure that I am not thinking about anything serious:


1. Twitter

I know you have probably heard of Twitter but have you used it? I myself had decided that this is the biggest waste of time and had decided that I will never ever get my own profile. Well, it turns out if you want to be a blogger, connect with people and be the first to hear breaking news, Twitter is the place to be. So I got an account despite my reservations. And now I love it! I knew that Steve Jobs had resigned within minutes of the announcement, I knew that Beyonce was pregnant 3 seconds after she rubbed her bump at the VMAs (I wasn’t even watching TV) and yes, I just found out that Putin is running for president again (why is everyone so surprised???).

More than the best news source, Twitter is also an excellent way to connect with people, people that you would not otherwise be able to talk to. Yes, I might be about to get a restraining order from Lord Sugar and Stephen Fry so join Twitter at your own risk!

Follow me on Twitter @Natalcho


2. Stumble

I had never heard of this website until a couple of weeks ago. And now I virtually have it open 24/7. The idea is that you select categories you are interested in and then you click the Stumble button and they show you a random webpage which fits into your preferred categories. If you don’t like it, you click again and they give you another random webpage. Every user can rank webpages and the more users like a page, the more popular it gets and the higher the chances that you will Stumble upon it. I would say that about 90% of the recommendations are average but it does take less than a second to move to the next one. And the next 10% are gems scattered in our virtual world, impossible to find if it wasn’t for other like minded people who found it and ranked it to help you stumble on it.

Give it a try – Stumble Upon has helped me discover some of the best photos on the internet, beautiful poems and a friend or two.

Find me on Stumble Upon as Tomatoes-Rock to see my favourite discoveries so far.


3. Pinterest

I have just started using Pinterest but I am already loving it. The website allows you to create your own personal inspiration boards and keep them online. Everytime you see a picture, a quote, anything really on the internet that you want to “pin” you can do so with one click. You also have access to other people’s inspiration boards filled with quotes, photos, ideas. I love browsing through Sherry @ Young House Love‘s inspiration boards on topics from interior decoration, to art, to “Warm and fuzzy”.

I am new to Pinterest but I have already accumulated quite a selection of quotes that I love. Check them out – you can find me as Natalcho Tomatoes Rock


4. Goodreads

This website is a brand new discovery for me! If you love reading and books visit it now! You can write reviews of the books you are reading, get recommendations based on your preferences, connect with other readers, read their reviews, take part in virtual book clubs and book discussions. Haven! One thing you should know about me is that I love books, I love reading and I love discussing what I read. My profile is brand new and I am only now starting to write reviews of some of my most favourite books. I also connected with several people that seem to be interested in the same types of books I like so I intend on following their recommendations next time I feel lost in a bookstore.

I know this might put me firmly into the nerd category but I can’t wait to add into my Goodreads profile all of the books I have in my “Books to read before I die” excel spreadsheet and share reviews and discuss with others who have read them:) Haven, I tell you!

Find me as Natalcho on Goodreads


5. The New York Times

Did you guys know that the NYTimes (only one of the best newspapers in the world!) is free online? No subscription fees, nothing. You can read everything they publish and before you say “But I don’t live in the US” don’t worry – they have an international edition and yes, their articles are equal to none. I tend to spend most of my time in the Arts, Travel and Style sections but you can pick your own favourites:)


And that is all – my top 5 websites right now! Let me know how you like these and if you have any other suggestions. All recommendations are good for a lazy Sunday afternoon!

Ciao friends! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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