What to Eat in Dubai

Oh man, where do I start…

Lebanese food, Middle-Eastern food, whatever you call it just remember – there is hummus everywhere in Dubai and it is good. I highly recommend the restaurant at the Park Hyatt. The hotel is beautiful and serene, the restaurant has fantastic views and overlooks the water and last but not least, they have the cheapest all you can eat buffet with the highest quality food I have ever seen!


(please excuse the poor picture quality but iPhone and poor lighting will do that)

The one issue I have with the restaurant is that their liquor measurements are extremely small. The large vodka is 25 ml (in Bulgaria a small vodka is 50 ml) so invariably I ended up with a bill listing 10 large vodkas (for two people – relax mom!)

Honey, what did you do in Dubai? Oh nothing, I went to a restaurant and had 5 large vodkas. Come on!

In Dubai they sell the best sweets. Personally, I prefer to stuff my face with dates (they sell them/offer them for free everywhere) but if you are not into dates, then you can always buy some of this chocolate:


(it delivers exactly what it says on the package!)

If you are into a pork stake…you should probably go somewhere else…


In Dubai pork is in the same category of dangerous ingredients you need to be aware of as nuts and other allergens.



Yes, I am afraid you absolutely have to go to a hookah bar if you visit Dubai. And order some mint tea or Turkish coffee. We used to go to a hookah bar at Madinat but you can find a hookah bar on every corner.

Ok, now that I have gone down this memory lane I am salivating. Fortunately, my Indian food delivery just arrived. Is it bad if the Indian delivery guy asks you why you changed your usual order???

Yes, time to stop ordering Indian food. Just kidding – just time to change the restaurant:)

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