A Vita Love Affair Begins

I think it says a lot about me that the one thing I wanted for my birthday this year was a Vitamix. If you are unfamiliar with the brand, Vitamix seems to be the best food processor out there (based on my research anyway). So it seemed that in order to cement my recent healthy food habits I had to get one. Unfortunately getting the best is never cheap and Vitamix is no exception. So I had to think long and hard about this purchase and whether it was really worth it. I went through the mandatory self doubt stage – was I really good enough to deserve a Vita in my life? Could I live up to its potential and do it justice once I owned it? I had my doubts but when I found out that a Vita can ensure both a never ending hummus and ice-cream supply, I knew I had no choice but to buy one.

Once I was convinced that I wanted to make this investment, I had to devise a way to get my hubby Bugi to agree that this was a good idea. Well, I could actually buy the Vita for myself of course but spending so much money without Bugi’s approval is just something that I am no longer comfortable with. You look confused so let me explain. You see, I have been known to overspend occasionally, finding it difficult to prevent myself in the past from buying too many tomatoes for example just because they look cute. And then I cannot finish them and they spoil and it’s a waste. I hate waste! But somehow when I shop I manage to convince myself that whatever I buy will be eaten on time…so, I know I cannot be trusted and this is why I prefer to get Bugi’s approval.

I knew it would be easy to convince him because let’s face it, if this was my birthday wish he couldn’t really say no, could he? Hmmm. Then why haven’t I received a puppy all these years? I needed rational undeniable evidence that this was the right thing to do. So I did my research and picked my moment. We were having a relaxed night on the sofa, him watching TV, me googling, secretly skimming through all the advantages of owning a Vitamix one more time. I finally gathered up the courage to ask and said:

Me: “By the way, have you already bought me something for my birthday?”

Bugi: “Not yet” I could feel he sensed the danger of continuing this conversation so he immediately turned his attention back to the TV.

Me: “Hmmm. You know I have something that I really want so maybe you can get it for me for my birthday?” I couldn’t wait to tell him about all the wonderful things I would be able to make if I had a Vita, how we would both get healthier, slimmer and more beautiful (I might or might not be prone to exaggeration from time to time) if we only made this little investment in our future.

Bugi: “Let me guess, you want a food processor, right?”

Me: Silence..eyes popped out. “Wow.”

This was just one more proof that Bugi was truly my soulmate! Either that or it was proof that I was about 100 times more transparent with my “secret” birthday wishes than I thought. Darn, why can’t I read his mind this way? So I got a bit confused that he guessed right immediately and not knowing how to react I continued with my pre-prepared speech (I might have emphasised a couple times the well known fact that a woman with daily access to home made ice-cream is a calm and happy woman). He agreed immediately but then when he saw the price tag he asked the outrageous question “Can’t we buy you a cheaper food processor?”

But I was prepared to tackle this one. I pulled the ultimate weapon – Mama Pea (please watch this – it’s hilarious – the ultimate vitamix review!)

Oh I love my Vitamix and I show it a good time every single day now. Recipes (including some rocking tomatoes) coming soon to the blog.




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