Hong Kong Architecture And The Art Of Feng Shui


If you can’t tell already we fell in love with Hong Kong – the partying, the people, the Chinese/British twist – it all worked beautifully for us. But one of the most striking features is the Hong Kong architecture.




The views of the c. 7,700 tall buildings (above 13 storeys) are breathtaking and almost overwhelming. Just for comparison consider that New York has “only” c. 5,900 tall buildings.




Needless to say we decided to take advantage and spend most of our time in the skies:)




Having a coffee at the Eye Bar in the iSquare shopping centre  (30/F, iSQUARE, 63 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui,)


The view on the other side of the bar was this:




We were on the 30th floor and our building definitely felt as if it was the small kid on the blog:)


The other fun thing about the buildings in Hong Kong is that apparently all of it MUST be built in accordance with Feng Shui. Each building is designed and built only after a consultation with a feng shui master who ensures that the design is optimised for good fortune.


The Bank of China building (the one on the right in the picture below) was built in accordance with feng shui and therefore it overlooks the water and is placed away from all hills.




Unfortunately, the master did not consider the fact that the sharp angles of the building directed hostile energy towards the nearby Government House and HSBC building. Apparently the situation was somewhat remedied after the construction of a building between it and HSBC (at an appropriate angle of course) and the strategic placement of a willow tree at Government House:)


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