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Hello friends,


It is a marvellous rainy, dark and cold Sunday in Zurich. Bugi started a fire and we have enjoyed a lazy start to our day. Spring is here though … you just have to look a bit harder today but spring has definitely arrived. For starters all the shops in Zurich are filled to the brim with all sorts of berries:




Our backyard is still in full bloom and beautiful despite the uncooperative weather. So instead of complaining I have decided to enjoy the last gloomy weekends of this season when we can start a fire because it is still cold outside.


This weekend I had also decided to figure out whether I can prepare breakfast at home to bring to the office on weekdays. I like starting my day with oats but preparing them in the office is just not fun. I can’t store all of my favourite toppings there and I also feel strange mixing and matching things in our tiny office kitchen. So I have been buying this bircher musli from a tiny shop downstairs. The musli is probably no more than 150g in total and it costs CHF 5.30. Outrageous! Plus I really have no idea what they actually use and because of its pleasant sweet taste I suspect they add quite a lot of sugar. I needed to figure out a quick and easy healthy breakfast option. With this in mind on Friday night I picked up a new pack of oats from the store and some yogurt. I placed a handful of oats in a bowl, covered them with yogurt and left them in the fridge overnight. It did not look good in the morning….the mixture just looked all dried out. Ops.


I added a splash of milk, stirred and when I tasted it turned out that despite the dry appearance the oats were actually very moist and tasty having absorbed all the moisture from the yogurt. That’s when it hit me – this is a perfect base for a breakfast to bring to work because it cannot spill in my bag (too dry) and can be easily reinvigorated with just a splash of milk at the office. I can also spend 2 minutes in the morning and cut up some fresh fruit as toppings. The final product is good and holds off my hunger for at least 3 hours. I haven’t calculated the cost but I bet it would be below CHF 3. Every little helps as the mighty Tesco says in the UK. SO in case you were wondering – this is what I will have for breakfast for the next 5 days:)




Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and half a banana. I am in heaven! Do you know I had not seen a single berry sold in Zurich until a couple of weeks ago! Seasonal eating not by choice in this instance.


Do you bring breakfast to work? Any ideas? I am seriously trying to avoid buying food for breakfast and lunch during the week so any suggestions are welcome!

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