How to Show Jet Lag Who Is The Boss


12 hours on a plane and we found ourselves in Hong Kong on the late afternoon of 10 March. We didn’t get to sleep much during the flight and I blame it all on how stingy British Airways seem to have become. Everybody knows that if you have to suffer through a transatlantic flight the airline (you paid so handsomely to fly you) provides certain small things that can make the whole experience a little less uncomfortable:


- a pillow


- a blanket


- headphones for the online entertainment


- ear plugs


- sleeping mask


- a toothbrush and toothpaste


- socks


- free unlimited drinks


Well, on this flight the only things that BA provided us with were a pillow, broken headphones and a toothbrush/toothpaste. Not even a blanket! I had just decided to forsake BA forever and ever but on the way back they did give us blankets and drinks. I am still mourning the loss of free socks though!


So anyway, no, we did not sleep well – at most 4 hours of really poor quality sleep. So when we arrived in Hong Kong we thought we would simply go to the hotel and collapse. Instead…




Who knew they were crazy for Hoegaarden in Hong Kong? Somehow through our jet lag haze we found ourselves at Lan Kwai Fong, aka Party Central. Tens of bars, restaurants and clubs with a crowd that was in the mood for a party.




This is the crowd on the streets around 3-4am. People dancing everywhere. The posh crowd (high heels, crazy haircuts) was in direct contrast with the shabby buildings all around.




I am not sure why the ground was covered in oversized syringes but it seems that it is quite fashionable in Hong Kong to drink shots from a syringe…or at least that’s my story and I am sticking to it.




We of course decided to do our best to blend in …




We danced the night away and only got to bed around 5 am. Jet lag meg lag – who cares what time of the day or night it is on which continent when you are that tired? We blissfully slept for the next 7 hours. So clubbing, it turns out, is the best medicine against jet lag!



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