Fitting in My Skinny Jeans


By skinny jeans I don’t mean the skinny jeans trend that travelled across the world recently and still remain popular (don’t wanna know if they are already out of style – I have two pairs that will continue to be worn for some time:) No, I mean skinny jeans as in the jeans you had when you were last at your ideal weight – a concept known to probably all women in the world (except the naturally skinny tall and slender among us – if you are one of them – then you will not have a clue what I am talking about) and immortalised in a Sex and The City episode.


I will never ever speak to you again if you are i) female and ii) don’t have a pair of skinny jeans in the back of your wardrobe. Ok, since I know most of my girlfriends don’t really have a pair of skinny jeans I guess I will speak to you but you know, envy you secretly…or not so secretly…


So, I’ve had two pairs in my closet that I last wore in the long gone year 2002 (the beginning:). They have never fit me afterwards despite ritualistic once a year tries that I’ve done during moments of weakness and complete insanity. (Do not attempt this at home – skinny jeans are only to be tried on if you are feeling masochistic and have some chocolate and wine so you can drown your sorrows away).


On Friday, the sun was shining here, the skies were blue, the alps were peaking from the corner and I guess I was feeling a little crazy because I decided to finally give my skinny jeans a try. I managed to zip both pairs without cutting any circulation to my legs! In my book that was a cause for a grand celebration. So I did the victory dance in front of the mirror and in front of Bugi who was looking at me a bit confused.




Bugi: “Where did you buy these jeans?”


Me: “Lalala – I bought them back in the year 2000 in Bulgaria. Aren’t they just perfect? I have a second pair to try on”


Bugi: “You should really buy some new jeans – these look a bit… old fashioned”


Oh, for this story to make more sense I should have mentioned that one of my skinny jeans pairs (the pair that I was wearing when Bugi saw me dance the night away) is this super cool cut that we call “charleston” in Bulgaria – you know, really really tight around your but and thighs and going really really wide around your ankles.


Me: “I know, I love the old fashioned cut – I wore these constantly in 2002. I haven’t been able to fit in these for so long!”


Bugi: “Hmm, they are very nice and all but you should really buy some new ones maybe…”


So friends, it seems that I am back to my 2002 weight but fashion trends have moved faster. Fortunately I kept two skinny jeans pairs and the second one looks normal (see picture above). So I put them on and wore them throughout the entire weekend waiting for the button to pop – you know, they fit just about but I can’t say they fit well:)


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