Jump Up, Jump Up And Get Down (Part 2)

Well, actually I have many many more pictures documenting my trials in trying to get a good picture jumping in the air. But I thought I’d jump to my beautiful triumph that occurred about two weeks ago under the following extreme conditions:

1. 3,060 m – less oxygen, more difficult to jump, although less gravity so probably just a little easier to jump – let’s ignore that, shall we?

2. – 22 C – cold cold cold which I guess might have helped the jumping – you gotta move to avoid freezing!

3. 250 kg of skiing equipment including helmet, glasses, three layers of pants, three layers of sweaters and of course three layers of socks!

And yet, as if by divine intervention I now have proof that I can indeed peel my feet off the earth!

Exhibit 1:

Getting ready to jump (in case you are having trouble spotting me I am the one most eager to take this picture, almost kneeling in preparation for the great leap forward…or up. Oh, and I am the one in the white pants:)


Is she jumping or is she merely doing ballet?


Damn you white snow! I am jumping people!

Exhibit 2:

Ok, one more time – breathe deep, you can do this!


Mid movement – nothing more interesting happening here:


It is my firm belief (and trust me – I’ve spent some time dissecting these pictures) that both of my feet are once again off the ground. Stupid snow! If everything is white how the heck do you proof that you did in fact leave Earth’s service?


Exhibit 3:

Ok, one last time – arms back, squatting into position:


Let the great jump begin


And there it is:


This is me, levitating on top of the world under inhumane conditions. This picture is a testament to my inner strength, my physical training over the last year, eating well, thinking positively, being persistent.

If you care for such silly things as full disclosure read the small print:

Our fancy schmancy super duper camera might have helped too

P.S. With this achievement behind me I have decided to start a new blog that will replicate Natsumi’s levitating blog Swiss style.

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