Sushi Ouchi Restaurant – Tokyo

Let’s be honest here – despite the many beautiful aspects of Tokyo and Japan we decided to go there for one reason and one reason only – the sushi. So naturally, as soon as we dropped our bags in the tiniest hotel room I have ever seen … well, we wanted to go for sushi but it took me about 1 hour to get Bugi into a standing position – his back was really hurting!


Once he was up and standing he was actually in less pain and walking seemed to help. So we both agreed that the only reason for him to sit down again would be to eat some sushi.


We headed to the Sushi Ouchi restaurant – a small organic sushi restaurant in Shibuya. We read in our guide that the atmosphere was understated, the sushi was fantastic and all ingredients used were organic with no cultivated fish on the menu.


I cannot emphasise how fantastic Sushi Ouchi was. Firstly, the atmosphere was indeed understated and we felt comfortable despite the fact that we were just coming from a God-knows-how-long-flight and completely jet-lagged – all in all there were about 4 tables in the restaurant and this together with the bookcases on the wall made us feel as if we were dining in someone’s living room. The staff was so cute and got so excited when I showed them our guide and Sushi Ouchi’s listing there. As soon as they heard that we were from Bulgaria they insisted on taking a polaroid picture of us. We got a copy which I still carry in my wallet. The other polaroid is I presume still hanging on the restaurant’s wall – “Exhibit A: Bulgarians eating sushi”.


The sushi offering was more limited than in London restaurants mainly because of the lack of cultivated fish. Since this was our first sushi restaurant in Tokyo we decided to go for the taster menu. We pointed to the most expensive meal option on the menu (our Japanese is not terribly sophisticated but prices we can read:) and waited. The chef, Hisashi Ouchi, who has worked in this restaurant basically all his life prepared the sushi right in front of us which was a sight in itself.


Our first course was a sashimi selection.




Trying just a piece of this delivered us both into a food induced ecstasy. The conversation for the rest of the dinner went something like this:


Natalcho: Mmmmm


Bugi: Mmmmm


Natalcho: This thing they sell in London and call sushi/sashimi is a complete sham!


Bugi: Mmmmm


The quality of the fish was absolutely supreme – to be honest, I had no idea that raw fish tastes this good when it is fresh despite having been to places like Nobu in London and New York. Having declared the food we were given to be something that looks like sushi but is so so much better I felt that I should approach Tokyo’s restaurants with an open mind and try absolutely everything.




Can you feel my excitement? Despite my reservations this bite was followed by another 5 minutes of “Mmmmm”.




I am telling you, I was born to travel the world and eat in local restaurants!


And then before we knew it this happened:




This is how Bugi looks when he has excruciating back pain with sushi acting as a pain reliever!


Seriously though, can you tell how large this plate is? My husband is a pretty solid man and in this picture he looks like a kid with an adult plate…I can almost imagine his legs under the table unable to reach the floor:)




Like all epic dinners this one also ended with a classic “I am so stuffed I will never eat again….well maybe just one more bite!” face.




Restaurant Score: London 0, Tokyo 1 (well 2 really if we count the Tempura Restaurant)

Sushi Ouchi: 2-8-4 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku

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