Blue Summer



В залива на липов цвят


мирисът на юни е потоп,


в краищата на нощта


идва лятното небе,


лазурно блу по обед,


тъмно сиво в 5 -




Лошо че тъкмо измихме колата.


Стана хладно, комарите бягат.


Първа баня каза тя.


Време е за любов каза той.





We do not need a spark,

We do not need an excuse.

We do not have time but we find time.

We eat up the night,

We sleep through the day

And then start all over again.

We start with the questions,

We forget to wait for the answers,

We storm out of rooms,

We spill into hurt,

We kick and

We scream and

We cry and

We curse.

We are animals and enemies,

We ruin lives and drown in regrets.

We travel through time and yet we can never reach the future.

We never arrive,

We never learn and

We never change.

Who is the stubborn one now?


It comes out of nowhere yet I can always sense it coming long before it arrives.

We are all blind but think we can see.

And we keep wondering why we are always bruised and why everything around us is broken.



When Life Is Good

Redscape by Postsumptio
Redscape, a photo by Postsumptio on Flickr.


When life is good,


when I am the heroine in the movie,


in a red dress running through the streets of old Europe,


laughing at the crowds,


seeing lights and no faces,


when life is this good my heart sinks.


Anxiety grips me in its iron fists


and the scars of fear show on my cheeks.


What if I fall again, what if it hurts again?


I take off the red dress


laughing at the crowds.


I will never fall again,


this time I know how to run on my own.



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