Yesterday – All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away

Hi friends,

So where was I?

On the roof – 52nd floor of a high rise building near Columbus Circle.


My hair is officially crazy! I blame the humidity and the wine!

The Cast:

The Crazy Hair Lady:


(I have no clue what was happening here – I might have been playing the air guitar…you know, being in the company of a Phenomenal DJ does things to a girl…)

The Sweetest Man in the World:


(deep in thought: life is good but damn..this girl’s hair is distracting)

Ladies, Mr George Quest is not only an insanely talented DJ, he is also one of the good ones – you know, the guys we all hope are still out there. He is sweet, romantic, sensitive, thoughtful, caring, creative, responsible and the list goes on and on…

He is also a very good friend – someone you know you can trust no matter how long you have not seen each other.


He is not interested in our material world, or silly drive for fame and power.


No, he is interested in living the best life he can live, in working hard and playing hard, in following his dreams, in being better. We can all learn a lot from George Quest.

Did I mention he also makes the best faces? Man, you should see him in his element, playing music until the sun rises, making the strangest grimaces, driving the crowds insane.

For those of you living in Varna, Bulgaria – unfortunately you just missed him rocking Cubo (Shatrata) but rest assured – he will be back next summer. For those of you in NYC – you are in for a treat. He is doing the rounds in Manhattan so follow him on facebook and you can catch him next time he sets the house on fire!

Before he became a famous DJ, George Quest became a very very good friend of mine. We met in 1997 and I’d like to think we felt an instant connection to each other (at least I did:) Back then he was a die hard Guns’n'Roses fan and I was into Michael Jackson. George still thought I was cool:)


George, never ever change – you have always been perfect and magical!


Yesterday – All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away

Hi friends!

I hope September is treating you well! Personally, I am doing better than ever and I might have to break the news to my wonderful hosts that I am just not going to leave NYC! I will move in on their balcony and blog away. Don’t make me go, pleaaasee!

Yesterday was another fantastic day! I more or less now have a brand new work clothes wardrobe that I cannot wait to try out when I get to Zurich:) Today, I am on a mission to buy a winter coat and winter boots – I am moving to Santa Claus’ land after all in less than 3 weeks!

As great as the day was, the evening was even better. I met up with another one of my closest friends from high school that I never get to see because he moved to NYC shortly after I left. He was kind enough to oblige my vegan/vegetarian obsession of late and we decided to go for dinner at Blossom.

The food was amazing! I got my hummus fix and my friend got the Sweet Potato Raw Rolls which were out of this world!

P1050188.jpg P1050189.jpg

For our main dishes we went with the Raw Zucchini Pappardelle and the Crusted Eggplant. Both dishes were amazing although the Raw Zucchini were a bit heavy on the nutty sauce (I am not sure why but a lot of vegan restaurants overuse nuts on their menu as if vegan raw food is not good enough on its own).

P1050190.jpg P1050191.jpg

The food was fantastic and even my friend who had plans for a steak after our vegan dinner was very happy with his choices. No steak needed. But of course something sweet was in order.

So we walked down Columbus Avenue and decided to pick up some desert from the world famous Magnolia Bakery.

P1050193.jpg P1050194.jpg

We chose a peanut butter brownie, a red velvet cupcake and a macadamia cheesecake – you know, just because:) My oh my, can you tell I was excited?


And then we had a little impromptu picnic on top of the world!


I swear, NYC is completely surreal at times! Busy, stressful, neurotic and yet peaceful, quiet and strangely relaxing. Especially when you have desert and some wine to help you enjoy the view.


We walked for about 30 blocks to find a wine store that worked past 9pm on a Wednesday – for a city that reportedly never sleeps, I must say this was a bit disappointing:) But we persevered and of course found what we wanted – a sweet desert wine to go with the cupcakes:)

And then, maybe because the wine was very good, or because the view was magical, or because we were just happy to see each other, some random shenanigans ensued – check out my evening post for these:)

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